Platinum Mobile Valet

Interior & Exterior – 2.5hours maximum

Our version of a ‘full valet’. Our wash & polish option + a gold valet all in 1! Includes interior shampoo. Includes the tar removal. All our valets are available at your home or work place using our fully equipped vans.

  • Rinse the vehicle to remove road grime
  • Arches and tyres are scrubbed with a citrus based degreaser
  • Outer wheels cleaned with a non-acid wheel cleaner
  • Door/boot shuts are thoroughly cleaned and rinsed
  • Washed using the 2 bucket method a lamb’s wool mit and PH neutral HOT shampoo
  • Tar Remover to remove bonded contaminants
  • Autogloss Rinse Wax Applied
  • Dry with a jumbo drying towel or air blow dry system
  • External glass polished
  • Full Exterior Autoglym Super Resin Polish Applied to rejuvenate paintwork and add gloss (lasts approx 3 months)
  • Exterior bumpers and plastic conditioned
  • Autoglym Tyre Dressing Applied
  • Internal glass polished
  • Dash and all interior trims are cleaned then dressed
  • Upholstery, carpets and matts are vacuumed plus luggage area (if empty)
  • Upholstery, carpets and mats are shampooed
  • Leather seat treatment
  • Fitted Air freshener applied
  • Extras
    AUTO GYLM HD WAX – £10

Please allow 2 hours for small / medium & 2hrs 15mins for large

Small / Medium Car
Example: A1, A3, 3 series, C Class
Example: A8, Q5, 7 series
Extra Large
Example: Q7, X5, Range Rover

Please note:

All vehicles must be emptied of personal possessions before our arrival

Prices are based on an ‘average’ condition of a car.

Dog hairs, tough stains and heavily solid cars can be quoted separately

Heavily soiled vehicles (exterior & interior) will be subject to a surcharge and agreed before commencing work.

Please note the maximum time allocated for an ‘average’ car

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business contracts welcome
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Platinum Plus