Paint Protection Package
Protect your Paintwork

This package is specifically designed to protect your paint work from the harsh weather and damaged road conditions, which typically kick up dirt and debris including, stones, salt and grime on our roads.

Salt in particular and stone chips, causes corrision to paintwork, leading to rust and decay. In this package you can choose from specialist sealants or carnauba wax to protect against future paint contamination.

  • Brake callipers & alloy wheel faces, backs and inners are cleaned with acid free wheel gel
  • Wheel arches & tyres are scrubbed and cleaned with
    citrus based degreaser
  • Door/boot shuts are thoroughly cleaned and rinsed
  • Soak car in snow foam and high pressure rise to remove
    surface grit
  • Safe wash using two buckets method & sheep skin wash mitt
  • Tar Remover to remove bonded contaminants
  • Blow dry & towel dry
  • Hand polish the car to rejuvenate paintwork and add gloss
  • Protect paint with specialist sealants or carnauba wax to protect against future contamination
  • Windows polished inside & out and sealed
  • Wheels protected with PTFE to protect against brake dust and build up
  • Tyres & archers dressed
  • Polish & protect any exterior work.
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Please note:
We allow 2 hours for us to complete this service
Heavily soiled vehicles (exterior & interior) will be subject to a surcharge and agreed before commencing work

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