At Grime 2 Shine we valet car fleets for many trades including

  • Car Sales Showrooms
  • Car HIre
  • Car Lease
  • Taxis
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Funeral cars

We appreciate its important for your brand, that your vehicles are maintained to high standards and require flexible valeting times, for quick turn arounds.

Mobile Valeting Lancashire
Fleet Valeting

Benefits of Grime2Shine Trade Valeting:

  • Discounted rates
  • Itemised invoicing
  • Invoicing on account
  • Range of vehicle sizes catered for
  • Fast turnaround getting your vehicles back on the road
  • Clean vehicles for positive advertising of your brand
  • Maintaining paintwork to maximise car resale value

Example of Trade Valeting:

  • Engine bay clean
  • Rinse the vehicle to remove road grime
  • Arches and tyres are scrubbed with a citrus based degreaser
  • Wheels cleaned with a non-acid wheel cleaner
  • Door/boot shuts are thoroughly cleaned and rinsed
  • Washed using the 2 bucket method a lamb’s wool mit and PH neutral shampoo
  • Tar Remover to remove bonded contaminants
  • Wax rinse
  • Dry with a jumbo drying towel or air blow dry system
  • External glass polished
  • Hand polish the vehicle to rejuvenate paintwork and add gloss (lasts approx 3 months)
  • Exterior bumpers and plastic conditioned
  • Tyre shine applied wheel archers dressed.
  • Internal glass polished
  • Dash and all interior trims are cleaned then dressed
  • Upholstery carpets and matts are vacuumed plus luggage area (if empty)
  • Upholstery carpets and mats are shampooed
  • Leather seat treatment
  • Fitted Air freshener applied
Contact us: 01282 222550
Trade valeting is done at our unit
fully equipped & stocked with only the best
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Wash & Wax
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Platinum Plus